My Cirque du Soleil Experience in London 2019 – what to do in February in London

The concept of this show

Totem takes you on a stunning journey into the Evolution of Mankind! Here, you will see the original amphibian state to our ultimate quest for flight. The show TOTEM is alternating between primitive and modern myths. It is peppered with aboriginal stories of creation and explores the evolutionary process of species. It can be considered our ongoing search for balance. Also, it can be associated with the curiosity that propels us ever further, faster, and higher.

Cirque du Soleil returns to the Royal Albert Hall with TOTEM!

Above all, Cirque du Soleil’s has mind-blowing signature acts. The Cirque is returning with TOTEM to London, after record-breaking previous seasons. In my opinion, TOTEM is an unforgettable spectacle for all ages and the perfect way to have a special day in London.

Watch here my experience!

A few interesting facts

• TOTEM marks the second collaboration
of world-renown Director Robert Lepage with
Cirque du Soleil (after KÀ – MGM Las Vegas)
• Since its Montreal World Premiere on April 22, 2010, TOTEM
has been performed more than 2,400 times in 43 cities
including Japan.
• To date, more than 5 million audience members have been
mesmerized by a performance of TOTEM.
• TOTEM is the winner of the 2013 New York City Drama Desk
Awards for Outstanding Unique Theatrical Experience.
• The production features a cast of 46 acrobats, actors, musicians
and singers from 18 countries.
• The cast is supported by a dedicated team of 42 technicians and
employees from 6 countries.
• From a technical standpoint, TOTEM is considered Cirque du
Soleil’s first hybrid production as it can be performed without requiring significant changes to the set and equipment

I do reccomend

If you wanna have an extra special experience, you can book a dinner at the Royal Albert Hall before. We did this and, as a result, we’ve got a really nice evening! The restaurant where we’ve been dining to is called Coda and it is situated at level 3.

Michelin-awarded chef Éric Chavot brings his gastronomic expertise to Coda Restaurant at the Royal Albert Hall, with a menu of seasonal dishes inspired by his love of traditional French cooking.You can see the dishes in my video.

However, the Royal Albert Hall has some more pre-dinner locations though.

My opinion about the show

In conclusion, Vegas? London? Anywhere! Modern circus is something I am really looking forward to attending anytime I have the opportunity! To sum up, ‘Totem’ by Cirque du Soleil is a real rollercoaster and you go for the ride! 
Certanly book the best tickets and enjoy!

First of all, this show brings the real spectacle in your life and the venue is really fabulous.

Also, there’s a giant, skeleton-like acrobatics structure, a mechanised bridge that unfurls into different shapes and stage-level projections of lapping water. Moreover, they have an incredible surround sound, all of which adds up to a sensory rush. More than that,behind some giant reeds, a full band rocks it like we’re watching an ’80s stadium-rock tour.

For me, this doesn’t sound like an ordinary afternoon at all! So I can not wait for another Cirque du Soleil show in London next year. Or maybe we will just go straight to Vegas for an entertainment tour!

What’s your fav form of entertainment lately? 🤔


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