My Quarantine Diary

As the coronavirus continues to spread and confine people largely to their homes, I am filling pages of Instagram and I am filming a lot on Youtube with my experiences of living through a pandemic. I am spending my time at home, self-isolated with my husband in London. If you want me to sum up my activities, mostly I am cooking but we are also watching uninterrupted Netflix series like crazy. I am curious, what are you guys doing these days?

How Are You Spending Your Socially Distant Time?

Many people are asking me how can I stay so positive while I am staying inside so much time. With social distancing being a necessity in this time of crisis, I am trying to stay close to my friends and family and I am calling them almost daily. So, basically, even if I’m practicing social distancing, I am not actually socially distant.

Also, I am doing a lot of posts on my Instagram. It’s the perfect time to try growing up your socials these days – I absolutely enjoy the beauty and the freedom of social media so much at the moment. From time to time, I am still thinking about how lucky we are to be stuck in with the Internet going on. These are the golden times! Can you imagine being socially distant without an Internet connection? Because I can’t!

What do I eat in a day?

Other than that, I am trying to discover new recipes so I can make our day to day life more exciting. Even though I have different activities day by day, all of them are spread up around my main meal plan. We are all doing regular walks to the fridge these days, aren’t we? I’m sure I’m not the only one. Here is my current quarantine routine and some recipes I absolutely enjoy to prepare:

Also, here you can find my favorite savory recipe. I filmed this video while I was in quarantine as well. It looks like I’m more inspired in the kitchen these days, what about you? It’s a Romanian traditional recipe with cheese and dill and I really hope you will try it as well! I’m sure you will be addicted!

Still shopping in Quarantine

The best times are when I am able to satisfy my shopping habits and when the delivery guys call me to go downstairs to pick up my orders. That is a real joy in quarantine! Don’t worry, I am always using gloves and disinfectant… just in case.

In the video, I am showing you two of the packages I’ve got these days. I have two hauls: with hair products and essentials I couldn’t find in stores. Also, I am expecting at the moment some clothing deliveries. I wouldn’t feel like myself without new clothes or new shoes for the spring season, even if it looks like we’ll be mostly staying in. Of course, I’m trying to be more careful about how am I spending my money but still can’t wait to show you my purchases in my next video!

See you at the next one and let me know how your quarantine routine looks like! I would love to discover new activities or maybe new recipes!


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