Where to ski in Europe? Cavnic Superski – Maramures, Romania

Travel with us to Cavnic, Maramures! You will find out WHY you should come to Transylvania for skiing in 2019! Romania can be so beautiful if you know wheare to go! Here is one of the must-see places in Transylvania (the North area of Romania), during the cold season.

Skiing in Romania

Even if I am living in the UK (London) at the moment and I am enjoying it so much, I will never forget about my home country. Romania is a special place for me and it will always be! Unfortunately, tourism still needs a lot of improvement. But if you will travel to Romania, you will be able to see so many beautiful places without breaking the bank. The luxury of simplicity and natural beauty is something you will find in many places in Romania and Cavnic is defenitely one of them!

If you wanna know more about what you should visit in Romania I will start posting my personal version of Romania Travel Guide, here and on my Youtube channel as well! Just let me know in your comments if you are interested in this and anytime I visit Romania I will post something that worths to be visited.

Until the next time, you can enjoy my first destination: Cavnic, Romania! (Maramures)

Watch my Cavnic Vlog!

You don’t have any idea where to ski in Romania? For sure you can check out Brasov City and some of the well-known slopes from that area: Predeal, Azuga and so on. But if you are in Transylvania for the winter time, you should definitely go for some skiing at Cavnic, in Maramures! Maramures is one of my favorite areas of Romania and I never wanna skip it when it’s winter.

Why Maramures?

You can blame the views or the beautiful people from that area, you name it! But Maramures is something you will never see somewhere else. They have some very well-kept Romanian traditions there and it’s unspoiled forests are the perfect place to reconnect with yourself. When I’m staying at my parents in Romania, it is very accessible for me and in about 2 hours drive I can hit those Romanian slopes! If you are nearby or if you are visiting Transilvanya during the winter time, you have to try Cavnic Superski! It’s a great place, the slopes are pretty good for everybody and they have a great apres-ski on top of the mountain. This particular slope you can see in my Youtube video is called Cavnic Roata (which has the newly opened ,,Cavnic Telescaun”) and Cavic SuperSki. Also, if you are not a ski expert you can choose some fun alternative activities like the Tubby Slopes!
We wanted to see the view and to have some mulled wine on top of the mountains so we’ve been riding the ,,Cavnic Telescaun” – long tubing track.
There are plenty of activities, I am sure you will not get bored at all!

Some extra details

Before heading to Cavnic I would advise you to check the snow level on the slopes and the weather conditions. You have to be sure you will arrive in a winter wonderland, isn’t it? You can watch here live images from Cavnic Live.

More about Maramures, Romania – Cavnic: is a rural cheap resort and a great value for the money! The resort plans to enhance the natural beauty of the area. It is located in the Gutii Mountains (Maramures County, Cavnic Maramures), at half distance between Baia Mare and Sighetu Marmatiei. Nearby you can find many other great slopes like Suior or Straja.
Winter Season: December – April

Shortlist: Romania travel guide – other cheap resorts – nearby destinations – for skiing in Romania – Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Sinaia, Azuga, Straja, Transalpina, Suior, Balea Lac.


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