Pop! Pop! Pop! Hi there! So glad you’ve just POPed INto this virtual space of mine! IT’S CRISTINA here! (YES, my real name is actually POP Cristina).

What else?

I am a London based lifestyle youtuber but I am originally from Transylvania – boh! (*spooky enough?*)

With a master degree in Audio-Visual Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, I’ve finally found the perfect way to express my creative side! Where? Here, on the Internet! I love everything when it comes to content creation but what I love the most is to make videos. From making scripts to production and execution, I love every single step! Join me here and on my Youtube Channel as I am traveling, loving fashion & beauty but I am also very interested in everything related to new media.

Besides creating content, I believe that my purpose is to serve others through creativity and inspiration for the most important days of their lives. I love creating, organizing, and executing flawless weddings and events.

It’s been a pleasure meeting you here and I hope you’ll stick around! I would love to know more about you, so if you wanna say ,,Hi!” you can do it here:

My current location

London, UK