On Off London Fashion Show – THIS IS FOR REAL

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I am so excited to share with you the latest On Off London, a fashion show that pushes the boundaries of mixed reality. It was part of the London Fashion Week 2023 – February edition and it really was a pretty different concept from the other LFW shows I’ve seen these days.

on off show LFW Pop in its cristina - london fashion week

First of all, this show is embracing the metaverse’s limitless possibilities in the journey and is taking the public from reality to imagination and back again.

More than that, On Off London pushes normal boundaries and explores the intersection of physical and digital fashion. It was a really interesting show overall and the first one of this kind in the UK. Basically, it was the first UK real-time fashion show in the metaverse and in real life. Everything took place in a mobile green screen studio improvised at the Swiss Church in Covent Garden London. The display seeks to give a fresh view on comprehending AR, the metaverse, and limitless methods for the advancement of the creating craft.

On Off London Fashion Week

This is For Real – A Special Show On Off

A talent development program called On|Off Presents was started in 2002 as a result of Lee Lapthorne‘s passion for finding, fostering, and supporting undiscovered talent all the way to success. Among the numerous successful designers who have received certificates from On|Off are Gareth Pugh, J.W Anderson, Roksanda, and Peter Pilotto. In 2023, On|Off is supporting designers to showcase their physical collections alongside with their NFT pieces.

What makes this event so unique is that it was a ‘real-time virtual fashion show’, utilizing cutting-edge technology commonly seen in gaming and broadcast to bring the garments to life in the metaverse.

The event took place at the Swiss Church in Covent Garden, with a live audience and they had the chance to interact with the physical garments whilst they were simultaneously beamed into the digital world.

On|Off – the unique show concept and the names behind it

Their latest showcase took place during London Fashion Week. It featured the works of three incredible designers – Taskin, Oscar Keene, and Valaclava.

Taskin Goec:

Taskin Goec is a digital fashion designer and fabulous conceptual artist. He was featured by On|Off in September 2022 at LFW and quickly picked up by Nick Knight’s Showstudio as a leader in digital fashion. Having a background in physical fashion, it was easy for him to to fuse this technical knowledge with a progressive vision. Goec’s latest projects include an AR filter for Samsung, feature in Showstudio, and a digital look for Vogue Singapore.



Oscar Keene:

Oscar Keene is a multidisciplinary fashion label that fuses immersive digital content with physical collections. With garments and fabrics designed in-house and made in Melbourne, the studio celebrates bold, original prints and sophisticated tailoring driven by concept.




Valaclava is a cyber-physical, stockless gamewear brand, bringing the narrative of gaming world to real life via premium limited clothing. Established through a process of blockchain technology and made to order study, Valaclava examines the codes and language of modern, luxury gamewear through the lens of innovation COM.



Conclusion On Off London

On|Off’s Founder, Lee Lapthorne sees this project as an opportunity to explore new alternative solutions in fashion and support sustainable practices. As a fashion content creator myself, I couldn’t agree more. It is really important to start bridging the gap between craftsmanship and digital fashion technologies.

On Off London Fashion Week 2023

This project brings together agencies and experts from around the world to test the limits of creativity and collaboration. I cannot wait to see what the talented trio of designers has in store for us.

Stay tuned for more updates on London Fashion Week and make sure to mark your calendars for the next season. Are you excited to discover more?


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