Jacuzzi – Big Mamma’s newest Italian restaurant

Have you been to Big Mamma’s newest Italian restaurant already? You gotta try this crazy trattoria called Jacuzzi. After seeing it everywhere, I know I had to try this new viral Insta-prefect pic opportunity restaurant that will transport you straight to an Italian courtyard. It is part of the Big Mamma group and it is located in West London, on High Street Kensington.

Jacuzzi Restaurant

Jacuzzi is set across three stories, and each floor presents a different take on the main palazzo theme. The design of the restaurant is reminiscent of a scene from The White Lotus, where extravagance is the norm.

The first floor feels like an old-fashioned dining hall, with high ceilings, backlit shelves creaking underneath the weight of bottles, and low-lit chandeliers made with twinkling shards of vintage Italian glass. Also, there’s a giant lemon tree centerpiece you simply can’t ignore.

Jacuzzi - Big Mamma’s newest Italian restaurant
Jacuzzi – Big Mamma’s newest Italian restaurant

More than that, the entire vibe is like a hidden Italian club waiting for any excuse to throw a party. Such a fabulous atmosphere and a really beautiful area. Here is the place where I’ve been lucky enough to book a table for late evening. But, at least, after trying to book it many times, I have finally found a slot available for a booking. It made my week better!

So, each level of the restaurant is different but this entrance area was my favorite for dinner. I think the upper levels have the Amalfi coast as inspiration. Porcelain cherubs stand proudly on the bar, china bowls of lemons and parrot statuettes rest on tables and hang off walls, but this floor’s pièce de résistance has to be the White Lotus-esque busts. Those were beautiful as well but the main entrance area is the reason I came to this location and I was lucky enough to get the table just where I wanted.

Mouthwatering Italian dishes

Overall, it’s a space of laid-back sophistication, perfect for dinners, lunches, sipping on nice cocktails (or mocktails – I loved my Cintronella), and nibbling on starters. Of course, the main event for me was the truffle pasta in a cheese wheel – I couldn’t say no to that. But I will go back and try other dishes as it was a hard choice. Everything seemed to be so delish on the menu! Also, I missed the famous disco loo – forgot about it but there’s another reason to go back, isn’t it?

About London restaurants

London is known for its stunning restaurants and it has some of the world’s most breathtaking dining spaces. From incredible sky-high dining experiences with awe-inspiring views to underground eateries that offer unique theatrical experiences, London’s food scene is nothing short of remarkable. Do you remember my article about Sketch? That is one of those remarkable eateries you need to try. However, Jacuzzi is another incredible option you simply can’t skip when in London. When looking for a nice dinner restaurant in London, have a look at the entire Big Mamma group. I went to Circolo Polare and it was amazing – still two more to try soon!

Big Mamma Restaurants

For sure, one of London’s most dramatic restaurants is part of the group Big Mamma. This Parisian-born brand is recognized for its three table-to-book locations that have opened in London over the last few years.

These include Gloria in Shoreditch, Circolo Popolare in Fitzrovia, and Ave Mario in Covent Garden. For each new restaurant, the team pinpoints a common memory from their childhood in Italy. This memory then becomes the foundational idea for the new restaurant, guiding every decision throughout the process. Such a creative way of telling a story via design and good food.

Each restaurant’s details are centered around Italian themes, resulting in an atmosphere that transports guests to a different time and place. For sure, these restaurants are perfect for those looking for a venue for a birthday supper or a splashy celebration.

Have you been to any Big Mamma locations in London? What is your favorite one?


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